Courtney Baldwin is entering her junior year at Siena College majoring in marketing. She is a our go-to college Health Warrior Ambassador and shares her knowledge on Instagram (@collegefitlifestyle). We asked Courtney what college students really need in a care package to keep them healthy and happy while they’re away from home.


It is this time of the year again, folks. College students are swamping the stores, preparing for a new semester of classes. Parents are nervous but happy to send their children off and watch them grow. As you help your son/daughter pack up the car and wave goodbye to them, you begin to consider “what type of care package should I send them this year?” Honestly, as college students, we love getting out of class and checking our phone emails to receive a message from the post office noting that a packaged arrived. What could it be?! We hope it is not another batch of grandma’s cookies, we need something healthier!

Parents, there is no need to worry! We created a list of essentials that college students actually want and need! We know you love us and we miss your home cooked meals, but now that we are back to the dining hall, we need to fuel our bodies with these essential snacks and stress relief items:


  1. A water bottle that keeps drinks cold and hot.  This is so essential for staying hydrated throughout the day and even grabbing some coffee to go, helping us push through study hours!
  2. Health Warrior Bars. The perfect grab and go snack! Plus, you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat right before heading to class.
  3. Gift cards. To Whole Foods, Lululemon, CVS, or truthfully, just a Visa! We appreciate this generous addition to our care package and you know we’ll use it.
  4. Facemasks. We love to grab a bunch of friends, throw on a facemask, and skim through a magazine in our free time. The perfect way to sneak away from the books!
  5. Health Warrior Chia Seeds. Who doesn’t love sprinkling these on top of acai bowls, yogurt, or oatmeal?
  6. Microwaveable oatmeal. Skip the Ramen, we prefer grabbing nutritious oats in the morning when we don’t have time to sit in the dining hall.
  7. School supplies and school apparel. No explanation needed here, after all, we are at school!
  8. Lastly, something to remind us of home. A framed photo of the family dog or our favorite throw blanket.