Name: Courtney Baldwin
Age: 20
Location: Long Island, NY
Occupation: StudentDigital Marketing Intern, part-time waitress, Instagrammer, campus tour guide

Why we love Courtney: Courtney is one of a handful of our Health Warrior ambassadors who are in college. As a rising junior, she’s been a friend of ours since she started college and her health journey. What makes her so special is that she has created this healthy lifestyle (and has been sharing it with others on her Instagram account @collegefitlifestyle) while in arguably one of the most commonly unhealthy periods in life- college. She navigates dining halls like a pro, studies hard, works out regularly and her snacking habits are inspirational. Her tips and advice go beyond an undergraduate level and we’re always looking forward to what Courtney is up to. Plus she’s allergic to chocolate, so there’s that.

What is your health story?
As far as I can remember, throughout my childhood and during high school, I was always referred to as the “healthy friend.” Recently, I came to believe that myself and it all began last summer; I was a division 1 field hockey athlete who was unhappy, shy, unconfident, and HATED lifting weights. I wanted to be skinny, I wanted to fit in, everything I was doing was completely wrong. After finally fighting all of that pain, I also realized that field hockey wasn’t for me. It wasn’t worth missing class to travel, I created unhealthy habits, and I wanted out. I stopped playing and immediately found happiness. I discovered foods that fueled my body and found people who motivated me to do better in school and at the gym. With a balanced diet, lots of hydration, and a combination of cardio and weights, I proudly continue my journey and am happy to share my story with others!

What is your favorite Health Warrior Bar?
Coconut Chia Bar

When do you find yourself reaching for one?
I typically reach for a Health Warrior bar when I am on the go and know I will be craving something sweet along the way! As I began packing for college I found at least two chia bars (and wrappers) in each of my bags!

How did you get introduced to Health Warrior/when did you try your first product?
I was initially introduced to Health Warrior my freshman year of college when a few friends and I went to the nutritionist. She provided us with a list of bars that are perfect for snacking. A few weeks later, when I returned home for winter break, I went to the grocery store and tried the Acai Berry Chia Bar. I remember specifically taking a photo with the bar and a smoothie and posting it on my VSCO (this is before I had my Instagram!). After that, I fell in love with the bars and would continuously pick them up at the grocery store! I was so happy the first time Health Warrior reached out to me a little over a year later to be an ambassador!

What are your workouts like?
This is definitely my biggest struggle when away at college. This semester I am motivated to workout at least 3 times a week. On the other hand, this summer I planned my workouts as upper body and lower body splits. As a warmup, I would run and then at the end of my workout I would focus on abs. Of course, my workouts are always changing and some weeks I go to the gym more than another! On my rest day, I love doing a morning yoga stretch while lighting a candle, playing yoga music, and spraying essential oils!

What’s your biggest workout tip?

As for college students, my biggest workout tip focuses on preparation. I wholeheartedly believe in the quote “the hardest part is getting there.” To insure that you attend the gym I recommend wearing workout clothing to class and packing a gym bag with you. This helps me so much because then I am less likely to stall or go back to my room and procrastinate. Lastly, on your way to the gym begin thinking of what type of workout you are going to do! I never like to plan the day before because then I dread the workout.

Who do you look for for motivation?
Sarah’s Day on YouTube- I love her health story and anytime I catch up on her Instagram or YouTube posts I am instantly motivated to get back at it!

What is your go-to quick meal?
Rice cakes with almond butter, honey, and a banana!

When do you feel most like a warrior?
I feel most like a warrior when I grab a group of friends to do a workout. Whether we go for a run, hit the gym, take a walk, or even just head to the dining hall for a healthy meal, I am always hoping to broaden the health community, inspire people, and help them reach their goals, while reaching my own!

What’s the weirdest thing about you?
I’m allergic to chocolate… yup, let that one settle in

What’s the coolest thing about you?
When I’m not at the gym, I’m probably fishing

Current workout pump up jam?
As mentioned previously, I love watching Sarah’s Day on YouTube so I always listen to her playlist “Sezzy’s Sounds” on Spotify!

What’s the last book you read?
“Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk – a book about Digital Marketing. I love learning new things and advancing my social media skills!

What are your goals for the next year?
My goals for the next year are to keep spreading happiness and inspiring others. I love helping people and I want to be able to make a connection with new people that I meet. Additionally, as for school, I want to see my hard work and studying pay off!

If you were a combination of 3 celebrities, who would they be?
(I had to phone a friend for the answer to this question)
Jennifer Aniston: Genuine, fit, and healthy
Kevin Hart: Short and hilarious
Lori Greiner: Powerful, successful, and fashionable