We do this every year. We kiss goodbye to the mistakes of last year and vow to do better in the next. But you can’t change your life in one day. Making big resolutions for January 1, promises that are huge departures from your daily 2017 life, will set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Vague and hefty goals like “lose 20 pounds” are hard to track and nearly impossible to keep up with.

Let’s set ourselves up for wins. For wins everyday. Here are our favorite 2018 resolutions that you can actually keep and feel good about:

  1. Become best friends with a reusable water bottle. Stay hydrated and glowing and keep plastic from the landfills. 
  2. Don’t check your phone at stop lights. Use the time to clear your head, focus on the day ahead or plan your dream vacation. Plus, you won’t get honked at when you miss the light change. 
  3. Take reusable grocery bags shopping. Most grocery stores sell them. Your efforts will help the planet and keep those pesky plastic bags out of your pantry.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Yes- easier said than done. The success of others should inspire not agitate you. Let’s make 2018 the year that we all find our own strength and cheer each other on with wholehearted pride. 
  5. Books over screens. Start simple- read a few pages before bed rather than watching TV. You’ll fall asleep faster without that blue light and start checking books off your list.
  6. Snack on whole foods. Vow to snack on foods that help not hinder you getting through the day. Pack a Chia Bar in your purse, keep some Pumpkin Seed Bars handy in the pantry, and always keep an extra in the car.