Spooky Superfood Spiders


By: Maggie Michalczyk, RDN

It’s the most SPOOKtacular time of year. Ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters haunt every corner, but is something else haunting your cupboards? I’m talking sugary, artificially sweetened candy, snacks and beverages. What’s scarier than seeing a ghost? The latest industry report findings that kids consume nearly 3 cups of candy on Halloween, which equates to about 7,000 calories from candy alone. Talk about fright night!

I’m not saying it is necessary to ban all candy consumption on Halloween (moderation is key!), but it is important to fuel up with something healthy before parties and trick-or-treating to prevent an unwanted sugar rush. For instance foods that contain protein, fiber, and some healthy fat will keep you fuller longer, making it easier to keep it to only a few pieces of candy.

Since pumpkin is the star of the show this time of year, why not rely on the power of pumpkin seeds like the ones found in Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bars for healthy Halloween fuel! Eat as is before you head out, or get in the Halloween spirit with this recipe for superfood spiders! Serve them as a party appetizer, or pre-trick-or-treating snack. Any way you slice them, you’ll be getting more protein, and fiber, and less sugar than your average Halloween snack or candy—bonus that you can make them using things already found in your pantry! So start this Halloween on a healthy note with these superfood seed spiders, and after a few pieces of candy let the remainder R.I.P.


Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

0 minutes

Ready In

5 minutes

Serving Size

3 servings


  • 2-3 Health Warrior Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bars
  • 3-4 baby carrots
  • 1 green apple
  • 10 Fake eyeballs


  1. Cut your Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bars in half.
  2. Make little slits on each side of the bar where you can insert the “legs” (carrot sticks and apple slices).
  3. Cut baby carrots and green apple lengthwise into thin pieces, and push into the bar to create the spider’s legs. Add homemade or store bought eyes, and enjoy!

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