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By Maggie Michalczyk, RDN

The changing of the seasons can often bring about hectic schedules, and busy days, which means not always having enough time to make a healthy meal. After all, we live in a world where eating on the go is second nature, and actually sitting down for a meal is considered a special occasion. The good news is there are lots of  nutrition shortcuts to add nutrients to your diet, and they’re quick and easy!

While I love throwing a bar in my bag for times when I find myself surrounded by unhealthy options, I started to ask myself where else I could use these nutritious and delicious bars. And then it hit me. It’s time to “raise the bar”—pumpkin seed style! Add more vitamins, minerals, and protein into your diet by using these bars as an ingredient onto foods you already eat.

Because they are made with real ingredients, Health Warrior Pumpkin Seeds Bars are more versatile than your typical snack bar. Check out my favorite ways to incorporate them into daily meals for a superfood punch:


Crunchy Salad Topper—Toss those nutritionally lack-luster croutons to the side because there’s a new crunchy salad topper in town! Cut your favorite Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bar into small cubes and use as a topping on your fall salads. My favorite flavor to use on top of greens is the Honey Cracked Pepper with Turmeric Bar. It adds a slightly spicy kick and extra protein to your salad!


Banana Breakfast Sushi Bites—The most important meal of the day can sometimes be the least healthy, and the one that adds the most sugar to our diet. Fuel up for the day by pairing a Pumpkin Seed Bar into your breakfast with a banana and nut butter. Simply cut the bar into cubes, cut the banana into round bites, smear a small dollop of nut butter and top with bar cubes. I like a Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bar in this recipe for a subtle sweetness that is equally nutritious!


Pumpkin Seed “Grandola” –Transform your “granola” into “GRAND-ola” by using Pumpkin Seed Bars in yogurt bowls and oatmeal instead of typical granola. The first ingredient in many traditional granolas is sugar, and with a small portion size (usually ¼ cup), calories from sugar quickly pile up. Pair this with the almost no protein other granolas contain and that doesn’t give your yogurt or oatmeal the staying power you need. I recommend using the Cinnamon Spice Pumpkin Seed Bar to get that same granola texture with less sugar and more protein per bite!

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