Health Warrior aims to champion all Health Warriors, no matter where you are on your health journey. Our mission is to fuel the world’s health momentum with delicious, seed-forward foods, as seeds are our #1 ingredient.

Our Beginnings: A story rooted in Seeds

Health Warrior was founded in 2010 by 3 college athletes and friends. As the founder of Health Warrior put it, “we approached food as calories to burn during hours of daily practices. But after entering our professional lives, that carefree approach to nutrition met cold, hard, desk bound reality. We went from running between matches, meets and games to meetings and day care pick-ups. Eventually, we learned that what matters is the quality of calories not quantity.”

Like a seed needs the right environmental variables, Health Warrior needed the right combination of literature, experimentation and curiosity to inspire growth. The three college friends discovered chia seeds and felt inspired to eat chia every day. They shared their passion among friends, families, co-workers and beyond.

From there, the Health Warrior brand was developed and began with Chia Seed Bars and Pumpkin Seed Bars, where the focus of the portfolio remains today.