By Allison Siegel
Marketing Associate at Health Warrior

It’s 2018 and you’re trying to eat consciously, but you’re dreading taking on the Goliath that is meal prepping.

It’s overwhelming seeing all of the work that goes into your favorite food bloggers’ Sunday prep sessions. The amount of veggies it takes, the dishes that rack up, and the fear that you may get bored of the meal in two days and dread the rest of the week.

Don’t worry though – as someone who shies away from meal prep most weeks, I took on the challenge and meal prepped for this week so that I could pass along some tips.

Be prepared

While this may seem obvious, there are more things you have to pay attention to than you think. I like to pull out all of the items I’d like to use and put them on the counter so I can look at them as a whole and identify anything that I may be missing.

Once you have your groceries out, make sure you have the storage containers you need AND their lids! There’s nothing worse than putting everything into a storage container just to realize you don’t have anything to seal it with.

Make a base 

It really helps meals go far when you make a base that will be consistent across them. I like to use rice or quinoa because they are filling and go with pretty much everything. Plus, it’s something that can cook in the background while you chop veggies and prep the rest of your food.

Sheet pans are your best friend

I hate doing dishes. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a Top Chef inspired kitchen session and then realizing that this isn’t a TV show and the dishes don’t just magically disappear. That is where sheet pans and tin foil step in to save me. Invest in a few good sheet pans so that you can roast all of your veggies at once. Chopping everything so that they are generally the same thickness allows you to cook everything for the same amount of time without worrying that one veggie is going to come out burnt while another is barely starting to soften. Lining your sheet pan with tin foil makes for easy clean up. Tin foil will keep the veggies from sticking to the pan, so when it comes time to wash, all you’re doing is a quick scrub to ensure there’s no oil on the pan.

Have easy snacks available

Round out your meals with a snack that you can enjoy with it or later in the afternoon when you’re starting to get hungry again. I treat myself with a Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bar as a dessert at the end of my meal or I’ll have a Mango Chia Bar in the afternoon if I know I have to teach a spin class that night. When you’re working so hard to cook meals for the week, having a packaged snack that’s easy to grab from the pantry but is full of real, whole foods makes a huge difference.

Dressings keep it fresh

One of my hesitations when it comes to meal prepping is my worry I’ll become bored with the food and ditch it half way through the week.¬† That, my friends, is where dressing comes in. Pick up a few of your favorites from the store or make some yourself so that you can drizzle them over your meal to keep new flavors coming.

Hopefully, reading through this blog has given you the inside scoop on what can really make the difference in a meal prep session and has you ready to put together a week’s worth of fun, flavorful, satisfying meals for yourself!

Voila! Happy meal prepping!