Last week, the Health Warrior team at headquarters took on the hydration challenge to consume at least 64 oz. of water daily for 5 days. We created a hydration tracker to mark off each 8 oz. consumed and took note about how our bodies felt during the challenge. Our findings were vastly different. At the end of the week, we reflected on what worked, what didn’t and shared our tips with each other and now, with you.
Print out your own Hydration Challenge Tracker!

Allison, Marketing:
The first half of my hydration week went extremely well – I was actually averaging 88 oz. of water a day instead of the suggested 64 oz. and it was fairly natural. I probably consume about 64 oz. of water a day on a regular basis, but the challenge helped me push across that line some. I only counted tap water that I drank throughout the day to try to stay consistent. The second half of the week was where challenge set in as I traveled to work the Falmouth Road Race Health and Fitness Expo. Between flying, driving, and working on my feet talking to people all day I fell drastically behind in my water intake. While during the first half of the week I held strong in fighting off a summer cold, the second half of the week where I drank barely 48 oz. of water each day allowed me to completely slip under the cold. It was easiest for me to hydrate when I was on my daily routine, but take me out of that environment and hydrating suddenly dropped to the very bottom of my to-do list. A tip that helped me once I realized how little water I was drinking was to always make sure your water is within arm’s length. If it’s easy to access, you’re more likely to actually drink it.

Hannah, Marketing:
I typically have at least around 50ish ounces of water a day, depending on if I work out and remember to bring my water bottle. I tend to only drink tap water at work but at home I drink more sparkling water because my mom and I are obsessed with La Croix. When taking the challenge and drinking 64oz. of water daily, I noticed that I wasn’t as hungry throughout he day as I usually am and seemed to be more productive and energized. I think it really helped keep my skin clear as well. Especially with moving and all my workout events this week, I was shocked that I didn’t break out! My Nalgene bottle made it insanely easy to keep track, and it definitely helped that everyone else around me was doing the challenge as well. Seeing people fill up their bottles reminded me to fill up mine! Other than having extradinarily clear pee, I felt definitely felt more productive during the work week. I sometimes get headaches mid day, but last week I was headache free. The challenge made me more aware of my intake of water throughout the day. I was sure to not only drink while at work, but I to follow up when at home.

Reddin, Sales:
I drink a ton of tap water on the reg so it was just another week for me. My S’well makes it easy to drink 25 oz. really quickly (and it makes the water taste delicious).

Austin, Finance:
I typically consume at least 64oz of tap water daily, plus one or more cans or bottles of sparkling water to accompany meals – my go-to sparkling water is Spindrift (my favorite flavors are Grapefruit and Raspberry Lime), though I occasionally drink Perrier plain and fruit-flavored water.  The sparkling water provides a little bit of fizz and flavor that helps break up the monotony of tap water.  I’ve tried alkalized and electrolyte-enhanced waters, but haven’t noticed much of a difference vs. tap water.  Given my exercise routine, I’ve found that diligent hydration throughout the day is critical to muscle recovery. I’ve also found that I’m most susceptible to feeling ill when I don’t meet my daily water goal. The more water I drink, the better and fuller I feel.  I’m most likely to forget to drink water if I don’t have a vessel with me and need to rely on multiple trips to the water fountain, so I try to keep a 32oz Nalgene bottle with me (refilled at the water fountain), as well as Spindrift and Perrier in the office refrigerator.

Katie, Analyst:
This hydration challenge helped me realize how little water I drink some days.  I think on an average day, I consume about 48 oz. of water, and it’s always either tap or bottled water.  With this challenge, I started off strong on Monday and drank all 64oz.  I think since the challenge was new, I was very aware and was making sure to refill my water bottle when it was empty.  On Tuesday through Thursday, I found that when I got super busy at work, I wasn’t drinking as much and that when my bottle was empty, I wasn’t good about refilling it.  I hit 64oz. on Friday.  On the days where I reached 64oz., I felt more hydrated when outside and when exercising. The tracker sitting on my desk every day was a great reminder!  We all get busy at work and at home, but having a tracker as a reminder really did help me try and stay focused on the challenge.

Leon, Marketing:
I typically consume 48-64 oz. of water a day. ​It usually consists of too much sparkling water, but mostly lots of tap water in the morning and before bed. I am beginning a seasonal detox so staying hydrated has certainly helped! Also, it was key to stay extra hydrated during the 100% humidity, 90+ degree days during Virginia’s late Summer. I especially found the hydration challenge worksheet helpful!

Meredith, Sales:
On average I consume 56-64oz of water daily, most commonly through tap & sparkling water. Another form of water intake comes from morning smoothies & a caffeinated sparkling water beverage (HI-BALL) in the afternoon. Besides the carbonation presence in certain beverages, I do not notice a difference between drinkable water products. One hydration tip I find helpful is to add sliced lemon & cucumber to a large water bottle & refill as needed. The lemon & cucumber add a refreshing zest and keeping a water bottle handy encourages water consumption throughout the day.

Abbey, Marketing:
I pride myself on being pretty good at staying hydrated regularly. I keep a 24 oz. water bottle on my desk at work and fill it up at least 3 times during the workday. I sip on La Croix in the car and drink even more water when I’m working out. This hydration challenge showed me that how much water you need for your body to run efficiently and for you to feel good is very relative to who you are and what your activity level is. I checked off all 64oz. of my challenge before I left work each day. My tip- find a water bottle that you love and take it with you everywhere- work, meetings, lunch, the gym, the car. And try the hydration challenge! You might be surprised how much (or how little) water you consume in a day!