We asked Health Warrior ambassador and college student Courtney Baldwin to share what a day in her life is like as she begins her junior year of college. Yes college- those 4 years that for many of us are anything but healthy. You can read her Warrior Profile here and  follow her health journey on Instagram at @collegefitlifestyle. Here’s a day in the life of a college warrior!

[6 a.m.] Rise and shine! Early to bed and early to rise. Waking up early allows to refresh and clear your mind before class begins, but it would not be possible without a morning routine. At first, it is hard to adjust, but there is no need to worry, it will soon become a ritual that you look forward to!

Try to avoid your phone for a while after waking. If needed, check your messages, but stay away from scrolling through social media. It is too time consuming, plus we need to allow our positive thoughts to flow in the morning and our phones may do the opposite.

[7 a.m.]  Boil some hot water for tea, listen to soft music, and take a look at the sun shining through your window. For quick breakfast in your dorm, stock up on oatmeal you can make in the microwave and bananas, granola and Health Warrior Bars for quick and nutritious toppings. Here are some things I keep in my fridge:

[9 a.m.] Time for class! The following are a few essentials to get you through these long and exhausting hours:

  • A planner- to stay on top of assignments
  • Class schedule- to plan ahead and be prepared
  • A few snacks- be sure to make one of them a Health Warrior Chia Bar. Apple Cinnamon is my go to!
  • A big water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Organize a spot in your backpack for pens, pencils, and any in-class accessories that you use.  

[12 p.m.] As lunch time comes around, grab something from the dining hall. One idea is to take advantage of the salad bar. Put together a combination of foods that you enjoy, maybe even throw some extra veggies or grilled chicken on top! Resist the urge for heavy meals that will have you dying for a nap (like pizza). Don’t forget to seek out the hummus in your dining hall and take some to go for a night time snack!

[2 p.m.] Regroup in your dorm. Grab any other books you may need for afternoon classes and study time and pack a gym bag!

[4 p.m.] Classes are done, time to work up a sweat. I’ve found that if you pack your gym bag you’re much more likely to get a workout in. Make plans with a friend to workout together, go for a run or try a class at the rec center. You’ll increase energy and keep your body strong. Colleges take physical health seriously and many offer lots of (free!) options for students. Sign up for an intramural soccer team or check out open gym at the volleyball court. Have the option to drive to class? Opt to walk!

[6 p.m.] Swing by the dining hall on your way back to the dorm for a shower. I like to refuel with a big bowl- find some brown rice, top with kale or spinach, sautéed vegetables, beans and your favorite dressing. Bonus if you can find avocado!

[7 p.m.] Time to study and prep for the day ahead. Grab yourself a snack and hit the library or your favorite quiet study space. A Cinnamon Spice Pumpkin Seed Bar is like dessert and gets me through my work. Finish up reading for the day ahead and any assignments and it’s time to close the books.

[9 p.m.] At last, it is time to unwind after a busy day- all good things though! My favorite routine:

  • Take a warm shower
  • Cozy up in a robe
  • Choose an essential oil to diffuse
  • Listen to meditation music
  • Journal all of my thoughts from the day
  • Relax and fall asleep

Throughout the day, find what works for you! Prioritize your own health and have fun with it! If you are doing what you love, a healthier lifestyle will be easier to maintain.