6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Energy Bites

They’re all the rage- energy bites (or energy balls) are bite-size clusters of superfood ingredients that can be combined in so many ways to make tasty treats perfect for afternoon pick-me-ups, pre-workout fuel or meal additions. Google recipes for energy bites and you’ll find more than you know what to do with. We think the best way to make your own is to completely customize them. It’s simple, it’s fun, and the combinations are limitless. We use a food processor, but you can make these with some good old fashioned hand-stirring as well. As long as the consistency allows for the ingredients to bind together, you’re set! Here are our 6 tips for creating your own energy bite recipes:

  1. Start with a simple base ingredient.

    We love gluten-free oats for a base. They’re a superfood on their own and easily blend into a flour-like consistency if preferred. You can use your favorite flour as well like almond, coconut or quinoa flour.

  2. Decide on your goal.

    One of the coolest things you can customize is your desired effect of this snack. Want a caffeine boost? Add some matcha! Need a post-workout refuel? Add protein powder! Have some spirulina you don’t know what to do with? Add some spirulina!

  3. Something sticky is a must.

    One or more sticky ingredients will be your binding agent. Try almond butter, maple syrup, honey or dates. Start with a little since these ingredients can be sugar-heavy, and add more as needed.

  4. Get creative!

    There isn’t much that can’t be thrown into a food processor and blended up into an energy bite. Almonds, pomegranate, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut, Chia Bars, cashews, cacao nibs, dark chocolate- go crazy!

  5. Failure isn’t possible.

    So you throw all your ingredients in and blend it up and… there’s no way these will become solidified balls. That’s okay! Try adding some more dry ingredients to soak up excess moisture. If the mixture is crumbly but moist, throw it in the fridge for a few minutes and then try rolling into balls.

  6. Don’t forget about toppings.

    Once you’ve rolled your mixture into round balls, you can top them with another ingredient. Try rolling them in shredded coconut for a tropical twist or nuts for some added crunch!

Abbey Howarth is the consumer engagement specialist for Health Warrior Superfoods. She is a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor and vegetarian. When she’s not trying out new plant-based recipes for the blog, she’s chasing around her two rescue dogs. 
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