November Small Batch Collection

As we come to the final months of 2017, we are pleased to present something special for the Health Warrior tribe: three new flavors, available online only and in very limited quantities, as part of our "November Small Batch Collection".

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  • Chia bars and people running

    “This bar will fuel your run without weighing you down.”

    — April 2017 Runner’s World

  • Chia bar and waffle

    “As a running coach, I’m often literally running all over and Health Warrior bars give me a quick, healthy energy boost between run and I feel better eating real food.”

    — Marnie, Running Coach

  • Chia bars

    “I work 12 hour shifts in NICU and sometime I just don’t have time to sit and eat. I’ll eat [a Chia Bar] and I’ve got great energy until I can take a break and eat a meal.”

    — Natasha, Amazon Reviewer

  • Gluten free. Dairy Free. Soy free. Cardboard tasting free.

  • “This is probably my favorite flavor of the Health Warrior Bars! Although all are amazing, you can't beat the dark chocolate! These bars taste great and the ingredients are on point! Thanks Health Warrior!”

What is
Health Warrior?

We’re a superfood company that believes better health will build a stronger society.

Better health starts with the right ingredients, which is why the first one in all of our products is a superfood — the most nourishing food on the planet.

Our products combine these powerful ingredients in a way that tastes awesome and actually fits into a real life routine. After all, healthy food can’t do its job if you can’t eat it.