1. When choosing snack foods at the grocery store, include fresh fruits and veggies and packaged products made from real ingredients. Health Warrior Chia Bars are around 100-110 calories each with superfoods as the first ingredient and protein and fiber to keep you fueled.
  2. Slicing up some fruits or veggies for a snack? Take an extra 5 minutes to chop them all and store in the fridge. You’ll save time when the next snack time rolls around and be less inclined to let that produce go bad.
  3. Make chopped fruits and veggies more appealing by pairing with dips. Popular pairings include almond butter and apples, hummus and carrots and peanut butter and celery.
  4. Hydrate without the unnecessary sugar. We all know the negative effects of soda by now, but watch out for added sugars in fruit and vegetable juices too. Natural coconut water and sparking water can spice up your beverage choices without the negative additives.
  5. When offering a snack to your little one, give them options but not too many. “Would you like strawberries or banana with your Chia Bar?” ¬†instead of “What would you like to eat?”
  6. Snack on the same foods as your kids. If they see you eating healthy and balanced foods, they’ll be more inclined to do the same.
  7. Falling into a snacking rut? Spice up your snack routine by making your own trail mix! Combine your family’s favorites- dried fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, Pumpkin Seed Bars – and store in pre-portioned containers for easy on-the-go snacking.
  8. Older children have many more opportunities for unhealthy snack options. Vending machines and fast food restaurants are full of snacks that can zap their energy and lead to more unhealthy food choices. Prepare them with convenient and tasty snack bars that they can throw in their backpacks and sports bags. Before they head out the door, toss them a superfood Chia Bar.
  9. Moms and dads need superfoods too! Don’t forget to pack yourself some superfood snacks like a Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bar so that you can stay on your A-game all day long.