It’s here again, that holiday which has become synonymous with overindulging, going up a belt size and food comas. We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge in your favorite treats or kick back and relax, but can you imagine just feeling a little better this Thanksgiving? We’ve rallied our ambassadors to find the best tips for a healthier Thanksgiving (and some of them look pretty delicious).

  1. Don’t skip breakfast
    “I’m saving room for later” generally leads to quickly eating everything in sight once dinner is ready. Start your day with a filling and nutrient-packed breakfast so you’ll be able to make clearer decisions at mealtime and not be ruled by the hunger monster. Try our favorite overnight oats! *Courtesy of Marjorie Lily Hopkins

2. Get active before you settle in
“My father and I love to do a big workout Thanksgiving morning to wake up and have some fun quality time before all the festivities begin! In the past we really liked doing cycling classes together because they’re really high energy and the instructors on Thanksgiving were so pumped.” Most gyms like to open for a few hours Thanksgiving morning. Take advantage of fun themed classes! In the mood to head outside? Turkey Trots and charity walks/runs pop up all over on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t feel like going anywhere? Challenge your friends and family to a pickup football match in the front yard. (Don’t try this in your nice clothes…) *Courtesy of Carolyn Snowden Mallett

3. Keep it simple
Try a starter dish that is simple to make and full of good stuff. This Brussels sprouts salad is delicious, colorful, and requires no cooking! *Courtesy of Marci Schwartz Lutsky

4. Stay local with ingredients
Plan your shopping around local farmers markets and co-ops. Your ingredients will be in season, fresh, and support local farmers! *Courtesy of Ash Ley

5. Make the sides the stars!
Move over turkey, with vegetables as colorful and full of nutrients as these, you’ll be asking for seconds. Check out some of our favorite holiday vegges:

Vegan butternut squash soup by Kelly Ahern

Toasted Brussels sprouts on sweet potatoes by Margaret Spring


Roasted butternut quash with frilled re onions, cranberries and spinach salad by Jennifer Yoon Chung

Mashed sweet potatoes with cauliflower by Cassie Romano

Cranberry Pecan Quinoa Salad w/ Orange Vinaigrette Dressing by Jennifer Yoon Chung

6. Substitute for a baking win
Use pumpkin in place of butter and oils in your desserts like in these pumpkin chocolate chip protein cookies. *Courtesy of Alison Oh

7. Make everyone happy with a vegan, gluten-free pumpkin pie

If you don’t tell anyone this is vegan and gluten-free, they won’t even notice.

8. Don’t worry, be thankful
Holidays are special for a reason. If you indulge (or overindulge) in your favorite treats, kick guilt to the curb. Have more healthy Thanksgiving tips? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram!