Planes, trains and automobiles call during the holiday season! Traveling with little ones can be nerve-wracking so we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for parents to keep the kids happy and travels painless.

  1. If you’re flying, try to book the flight around the natural bedtime of your kids. Encourage them to sleep when they get tired and then everyone wins!
  2. Pack an empty water bottle to refill. If you’re traveling by plane, you can fill it up after you pass through security. That way you don’t have to rely on flight attendants when you’ve got a thirsty little one.
  3. Bring some simple activities (that you won’t mind losing): crayons and paper, stickers, playing cards, snap-together blocks or legos. Pro tip: don’t throw all the toys on the table at once. Let your children play with one until they’re no longer interested. When you want, you can surprise them with another!
  4. Bring wipes. Because germs.
  5. A stuffed animal that can double as a pillow can be clutch.
  6. Pack any medications your kids (and yourself) may need in your carry-on just in case.
  7. Road tripping? Bring a bag for trash for easy cleanup.
  8. Most importantly, bring smart snacks! Sugary treats will have the little ones bouncing off the walls so stick to Chia Bars, carrots and trail mix for easy snacking between meals.