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What is Chia

Chia may be small, but don’t doubt its power. It earned the name ‘runner’s food’ by powering the Tarahumara Indians on their legendary long-distance runs. Before that, it fueled Aztec Warriors in battle and messengers on cross-empire journeys. For us? We rely on this radically convenient superfood to keep us moving.

Powered the Aztecs
One Bag of Chia
Ten Pounds of Salmon

That’s right. Chia is packed with more Omega-3 than fish oil. Omega-3 is critical to cell and tissue growth and gives super you some super brainpower.

Three Pounds of Tofu

Protein puts your body in high gear. And Health Warrior chia is full of it. Ounce for ounce chia packs more protein than eggs! The protein in chia is plant based, so your body can digest it easier. It also has a rare full amino acid profile—the same as meat—so your body (and your wallet) gets more bang for its buck.

Four Pounds of Milk

Milk may do the body good, but calcium-rich chia does it better. The superfood helps build strong bones. Stronger bones, stronger body.

Four Pounds of Oatmeal

More fiber in our diets would cure a lot of the country’s health problems. A diet high in fiber can help manage weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and a bunch more.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t noticed the pattern, Health Warrior chia has it. Lots of it.

Fifteen Pounds of Broccoli

Most people don’t know exactly what magnesium does, but everyone knows your body needs it. Ounce for ounce chia packs nearly fifty times the amount of magnesium as broccoli. It helps absorb calcium and leads to stronger bones. Basically, it’s super good for you

The Shield
Get More From Less

Health Warrior Chia Bars are small, but don’t doubt their power. Nutrient-dense foods like Chia allow you to feel fuller, faster.

It’s way more than just a bar–it’s nutrition, satisfaction, and energy that lasts all day.

*All comparison information was sourced from USDA and Seafood Health Facts


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