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  • Dec 13

    System Refresh

    As you might have noticed, we just got a whole new look. Website, packaging, the whole nine yards.

    Now don’t freak out. We still produce the highest quality supersnacks, and Health Warrior Chia Bars are still held up to the same taste and quality standards they always were. We are excited for our improved look help tell the Health Warrior story from coast to coast.

    The look is clean, simple, colorful, progressive – all the things we like to emulate in our lives and our products. The shield is our own creative take on an ancient Aztec Warrior shield, the new symbols you see used are representative of the seeds themselves and of wholeness – of our products, of the way we like to live.

    We’re really excited about our new look, our new site, our national launch, and all the other great things that are happening here at Health Warrior, and we sincerely hope you are too!

    Stay tuned.

    2 thoughts on “System Refresh

    1. My massage therapist gave me two of your bars to try. They are excellent. I had just told her how I was adding chia seeds and flax seeds into my diet and she gave me some to try. I ordered that night on this site. Thank you! So healthy and such a good choice when I ‘need a little something”.

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