5 Superfood Snack Bars With Ingredients You Can Actually Pronounce

No refined sugar, corn syrup, or chemical preservatives here.

Let’s talk chia – yes, it is small. But it is full of superfood powers – earning itself the title “runner’s food” by powering the Tarahumara Indians on their legendary long-distance runs. Instead of eating a big spoon of whole chia seeds, how about indulging yourself in one of Health Warrior’s many mouthwatering chia seed bars? Or, if you are like me, try eating a mango bar and a coconut bar together, you’ll feel like you are running on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Read More

The 7 Best Protein Bars

1. BEST: Health Warrior Lemon Goldenberry Protein Bar

Plant-powered Health Warrior bars contain a blend of protein-rich chia seeds, oats, quinoa and peas. Chia seeds are loaded with protein, fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Dry chia seeds turn into a gel when soaked in liquid, so they take up some serious room in your stomach, helping you feel full. (They also help prevent constipation, giving you more energy and a flatter belly). This Health Warrior bar is also a good source of calcium, which can help at-risk populations like women and adults over age 51 meet their needs.

The 6 Best Vegan Protein Bars

Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt Chia Protein Bar

"I could see this one really filling someone up and fueling them," Hammer says, of Health Warrior's bar made with superfood chia seeds for protein. Many of its other clean, whole-food, plant-based ingredients are organic, and it has 10g of protein and 5g of fiber to balance out the sugar, plus an omega-3 boost you’ll get from the chia.

Examiner’s Top Gluten Free Products

Top Gluten Free Bar is Health Warrior Chia Bar

I routinely race prep marathons and half marathons with these chia bars especially the banana bread and apple cinnamon flavors! Health Warrior is a delicious gluten free and vegan bar option.

Yoga Journal Editor’s Must-Haves

Stuff we love: Health Warrior Chia Bars

Tasty, super satisfying, and high in omega-3s, plus they're low in sugar. Which is hard to find in a bar

The 5 best and worst nutrition bars

#1 Health Warrior Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt Protein Bar

Superfood chia seeds are the protein powerhouse ingredient in this bar, and many of its other clean, whole-food, plant-based ingredients are organic. It has 10g of protein and 5g of fiber to balance out the sugar, plus an omega 3 boost you’ll get from the chia. "This is great for people who want something that’s crunchy and slightly sweet for a snack," Hundt says (and for vegans!). "It’s delicious and well-balanced in terms of the ingredients."

Health Warrior winning with innovation

Mr. Emmett discussed the brand’s latest innovation, the challenges of health-driven product formulation and how his company spots the next hot ingredients.

Shane Emmett knows a hot ingredient trend when he sees one. Before the chia seed’s recent rise to supermarket stardom, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Richmond, Va.-based Health Warrior launched a line of snack bars with chia as the main ingredient.

10 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Use Chia Seeds

The tiny little seeds pack in tons of good nutrition

Just because something’s little doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Case in point: Chia seeds. These little superstars are tiny, but they’re loaded with essential nutrients like omega-3s, calcium, potassium and magnesium. If that isn’t enough, they’re great for keeping hunger at bay; between all the fiber they contain (5 grams per tablespoon) and their liquid-binding power, chia seeds can be a powerful force against the munchies.

4pm Hunger Buster

Health Warrior Chia Protein Bars

Health Warrior's chia snacks are some of our favorites, so we were excited to hear that the brand is now also offering organic protein bars in such great flavors as dark chocolate coconut sea salt and lemon goldenberry. Each bar boasts 10 grams of plant protein from foods like chia and quinoa, plus a healthy dose of omega-3's and fiber—zero guilt, too.

Up & Out

Model and designer Alessandra Ambrosio on her busy Morning routine

"I usually have kids snacks like Chia Bars and Pirate's Booty on me, and I munch on cereal bars while driving."

The 7 Healthiest Energy Bars That Taste Good Too

Health Warrior's Apple Cinnamon Chia Bar

If you can't have an actual apple sprinkled with cinnamon, the Health Warrior's Apple Cinnamon Chia Bar may be the next best thing. Chewy and packed with tiny sesame-like seeds, it's small (just 100 calories), but still has filling protein (3 grams) and good fat (5 grams), and includes nutrients you won't find in most bars, like heart-healthy manganese, copper, and zinc.

How Health Warrior Is Marketing Chia As The Superfood Of The 21st Century

The short answer: an influential book on nutrition, three determined former college athletes, and an almost forgotten, nutrient-packed seed.

We consider chia to be the paradigm of what a good ingredient can be. And we’re committed to high-density superfoods. You hear a lot about “better for you” products”. We want to make good-for you” products that are truly convenient and truly good for you.

Raise the Bar

Health Warrior Chia Bar in Dark Chocolate Cherry

Surprisingly filling, given it's caloric equivalent of two cheese cubes.
3g protein; 5g sugar; 100 calories

Raising the Nutrition Bar

Better Homes and Gardens

Chia seeds are one of those superfoods you hear a lot about but don't know how to actually eat. Health Warrior Chia Bars are loaded with omega-3s, protein, and fiber for about 100 calories.

MLB, NFL Athletes Invest in Chia Bar Makers Health Warrior

The Wall Street Journal

Among Health Warriors’ Series B investors, the CEO said, are professional athletes who happen to be fans of healthful snacks in general and chia seeds in particular. They include NFL players Arian Foster of the Houston Texans, EJ Manuel of the Buffalo Bills and Glover Quin of the Detroit Lions, as well as Mark Teixeira of MLB’s New York Yankees...

Best Low Cal Bar

Women's Running

Best Low-Cal Bar: Health Warrior Apple Cinnamon Chia Bar
Why We Love It: At 100 calories, this super-portable snack boosts energy without waistline worries. Plus, it packs a powerful chia punch for an extra dose of omega-3s.

This Entrepreneur Is Betting on Chia Seeds

The Huffington Post

From acai to coconut and kale, everyone wants to know what the next new "ingredient" will be to help us in our quest for good health. Shane Emmett, CEO and Co-founder of Health Warrior Chia Bars believes that the new buzzword ingredient is chia seeds. He shares his start up story...

Summer Music Festival Essentials

Women's Health

Don't Want to Get Burned, Starve, or Get Soaked? Bring These Helpful Items:

Snack: Bring a healthy, non-perishable that's easy to eat with your hands. Health Warrior Chia Bars.

Trend to Try: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!

The Oprah Magazine

Packed with omega-3s, chia seeds are taking over grocery aisles.

When 3 P.M. hunger hits, reach for a chewy Health Warrior Chia Bar. Our favorite flavor: banana nut.

Wall Street Health Warriors

The Huffington Post

At first glance, Nick Morris and Dan Gluck, a couple of Wall Street power brokers, might not seem like typical subjects for one of my blogs profiling people intent on making positive change in the world. But spend a few minutes talking with this energized duo and you'll realize they're on a mission.

For food on the go, bars are eating up the competition

Los Angeles Times

The former college swimmer now has a baby, runs and even does push-ups in his Richmond, Va., office. "I wish I could make a giant pot of kale for lunch every day, but I'm too busy. Americans genuinely aspire to be healthier, genuinely aspire to push back against the modern Western diet, but they are not going to sacrifice taste and convenience."

Fast Fuel


Anna Kaiser's Workout Motivators: Here's the gear that keeps her going.

"Health Warrior Chia Bars are my fave snack."

Chia Seeds’ Stealth Takeover

Well + Good NYC

We're declaring it: Chia seeds are the new avocado. The formerly obscure seeds beloved by ancient civilizations are now a superfood staple of modern urbanities. Lauded for their omega 3s, fiber, and protein, chia seeds are fast becoming a culinary darling among healthy types.

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Supermarket Guru

Score: 92 (Hit of the Week!)

Taste: 29/30, Value: 17/20, Nutrition 15/15, Ingredients 15/15, Preparation 5/5, Appearance 5/5, Packaging 5/5, Sustainability 1/5

Magic Seeds


Endurance athletes love the stuff, and for good reason:
Chia’s soluble fiber slows digestion, keeps you energized longer. But you don’t have to be a marathoner to get the payoff. Mix 2 teaspoons in your breakfast (like yogurt or oatmeal) to power up. Or try Health Warrior bars if you’re on the go.

A Day in My Diet: Endurance Athlete Zoe Romano


The inspiring athlete shares what she eats to fuel her daily 30-mile (!) runs
“During a run, I’ll fuel up with Health Warrior Chia Bars – usually one every eight miles or so is enough to keep me energized. My favorite flavors and Acai Berry – so delicious! Chia seeds absorb water very efficiently so for a runner, the bars are a great way to stay hydrated on the go.

Wall Street’s Strongest Get Shot At Wheaties-Like Power Bar Fame


"The RBC Decathlon raised almost $1.3 million last year for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and 10 percent of sales proceeds from the Health Warrior chia bars bearing likenesses of the strongest man and woman go to pediatric cancer research."

6 Tips to Boost Your Mental Toughness

Women's Health

Zoe Romano is running more than a marathon. Six days a week. For nine weeks. Get her tips for how to boost your mental tenacity.

Health Warrior Chia Bar in Chocolate Peanut Butter


Craving a peanut butter cup? These chewy, chocolaty 100-calorie bars have a third less fat.

For a Snack

Men's Journal

Health Warrior Chia Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter has only 100 calories and is made from chia, a seed rich in omega-3s that expands once digested to help keep you full. The taste? Like a sesame carob bar.

Chia Grows From Kitsch to Kitchen

Food Business News

"We in the natural food world feel like everyone knows about it, but there's so much white space with people who are unfamiliar with the story and the food," said Shane Emmett, Chief Executive Officer of Health Warrior."

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Outside Magazine

Last year more than two dozen chia products—everything from packaged seeds for smoothies to energy bars—hit U.S. shelves, and a dozen new ones have already appeared in 2012. Our favorite: Health Warrior Chia Bars.

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