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  • Aug 20

    Live Life The Warrior Way: Brogan Graham and #MoreMovement

    You have heard us consistently talk about what it means to “Live Life the Warrior Way”. How to wake up everyday and take on the challenges that life may present and do it in a manner that makes everyone around you better as well. We realized that these are not simply ideals and values but also a mindset—one that much of our Tribe lives daily. We feel honored as a company to provide the fuel that you rely on to get you through those tough stretches; whether it is before a workout, during a race, hustling into the office to be productive, or just simply unwinding after a long day. Much like our bar, our Tribe is a made up of a wide array of personalities, all differently embodying the Warrior lifestyle but each doing it extremely successfully in their own right.

    In the inaugural installment of, we hope, a long running series we present Brogan Graham

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    Brogan is teaming up with his partner, Goldie, for an awesome event called #MoreMovement in the Boston area. The two make a great pair and are quite revered in the Boston community. Goldie was named “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine as a Yoga Instructor and Brogan Graham “Best Of Boston” for a Workout. For those not acclimated, Brogan is a co-founder of the November Project, a free fitness revolution sweeping the country. They also lead international Yoga.Run. events that are Running & Yoga built into a fun day of adventure all over the world.

    So what is #MoreMovement anyway? Just an event that will knock the socks off anything else going on in Boston this year, and quite frankly, the East Coast.


    The event was met with wide spread anticipation and sold out to 500+ people in a few short hours. It will be held at 5PM this Sunday in Boston.

    Location unknown.

    An enlightening and enjoyable experience guaranteed.

    Honestly, as much as we wish our words could properly elucidate just how well Brogan embodies the Warrior Way, they do not. For that reason Brogan will be taking over the Health Warrior Instagram from now until next Monday . We want to give you unfiltered access into his life and the #MoreMovement campaign. A transparent view, even if just digital, into his passions.

    So be sure to follow us on Instagram if you do not already and be prepared to be motivated by #MoreMovement and #LiveLifeTheWarriorWay

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