The Warrior way

  • Oct 1

    Meet The Warriors: Team Sixcycle

    Meet Team Six-Cycle, a gang of weekend Warriors that use their cycling prowess to put up some impressive finishes in the New York City area.

  • Aug 20

    Live Life The Warrior Way: Brogan Graham and #MoreMovement

    We often talk about “Living Life the Warrior Way”, but we want to present it to you through the eyes of someone that does. Meet Brogan, founder of an initiative called the November Project that is currently sweeping the country and also #MoreMovement. You don’t want to miss this.

  • Jul 17

    Ultra Fuel For An Ultra Warrior: Pam Reed Takes On Badwater

    Some runners do Ultras for the glory. Others do it because they can. Then there is Pam Reed. Check out why Health Warrior is sponsoring this true Warrior.

  • Oct 31

    Rules for Eating on Marathon Day

    You’ve made it. Months of training, long runs, tempo workouts and more miles than you want to remember are behind you. Now you’re ready for the most exciting day: the marathon. All of your hard work and preparations have gotten you this far. Your “morning-of” fuel is an important final preparation. Remember, this is one […]

  • Oct 30

    5 Marathon Musts (From a Pro)

      The NYC Marathon is almost here! The day you’ve been training for for the past couple months is nearly here, and by this point you’ve done everything possible to prepare for it. Many runners spend so much time and focus preparing and training, that we forget how important race day and race strategy are. […]

  • Oct 10

    Celebs Fighting Childhood Obesity

    A study published on Monday has the press abuzz about junk food endorsements by prof athletes. But there are a handful of celebs standing against this. Here are our favorites.

  • Jun 15

    Warrior Up

    among Yosemite’s famed rock faces, three stand above the rest – Mount Watkins, El Capitan, Half Dome. The three monsters add up to over 7,000 feet of sheer vertical terror.

    Alex Honnold climbed them all. In 19 hours. With no rope.

    He is 26.


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