Health Warrior is a food and movement brand. We believe better health will build a stronger society. It is our mission to inspire healthy diet and exercise habits, fueling that momentum with our radically convenient superfoods.

The Dawn of Health Warrior

Health Warrior was founded in 2010 by college friends, Dan, Nick and Shane. The former collegiate athletes used to approach food as calories to burn during hours of daily practices. But after entering their professional lives, that carefree approach to nutrition met cold, hard, desk-bound reality. They went from running between meets and games to meetings and day care pick-ups. They eventually learned that what matters is the quality of calories over quantity.

The Superplants of The Past

After reading the best-selling book Born to Run, the guys discovered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, chia seeds. The page-turner told of the Tarahumara Indians and their seemingly superhuman long-distance runs. The Tarahumara, like the Aztecs before them, were fueled by chia. The trio started eating chia every day. So did their families, and then their co-workers joined the tribe. They found this superfood provided powerful nutrition and powerful inspiration. Inspiration to get up from their desks, to move, to make strong food choices and to win every day.

Superfood for a Super You™

Sometimes, you feel like a different you – a super you. Clear-headed, full of fire and impossible to stop. Health Warrior was born to fuel this momentum by bringing you superfoods in radically convenient forms. With ancient wisdom as our guide, we’re fueling the future with Superfood for a Super You.™


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